Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Leather and Leopard Love Affair

I've never been biker-chick enough to pull off the whole leather look.  Give me a breezy floral dress and a nice pair of black equestrian boots and you'll win my heart forever.  Still, there's always been this secret part of me that has tried for years to win my own closet over to the edgier side.  This has nothing to do with color, because those who know me can attest to the fact that my closet is the darkest place on earth (black is just a classic, slimming color- am i wrong?), but more to do with making space for body hugging, in-your-face statement pieces that stray from the usual bohemian prints.

Over the years, I've introduced my inner-hippie to the love of houndstooth, stripes, and tribal prints, but the one pattern I've found bringing me a step closer to the leather look i yearn for, is the leopard print.  Being very Italian, wearing leopard the wrong way automatically sets me up for looking more Jersey Shore than rebel-chic, which is why I've found that the key to a good leopard is all in the pairing.  A nice leopard cardigan over a black mini dress with knee-high boots, a black tank tucked into a waist-high leopard skirt, or a simple silk leopard tee with black skinnies and booties- all ways I've strayed from the print's sometimes trashy alter-ego.  So, where will the struggle with leather and leopard finally land?  With LEILANNI'S faux leather panel leggings and gorgeous leopard headscarves.

With a soft, bamboo jersey top and black faux leather fitting the bottom, these leggings are the perfect transition from simplistic bohemian to rocker-chic.  Choose from over the knee, knee-length, and bike-short options and begin your foray into the bold.  A simple warning, however: too cute for Hell's Angels so be wary if you feel the urge to attempt.

Paired with a black tunic and one of these amazing leopard turbans and I've find the solution to the leopard/leather struggle I've been battling for years


Also, since your now familiar with name and product, check out these boundary-breaking elastic-banded cage skirts and cardi-capes.  A little pricey but I'd so bust my ass hostessing an extra night to get these into my closet!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whoaaaa 21 and Invincible

Just got back from the sweet 16 of a family friend.  The theme was "sweets" and while I've never been much of a candy junkie (i'm more of a foodie for sure!) I did rekindle my love for jolly ranchers.  As if it wasn't bad enough I was seated at the gummy bear table (living up to it's name with helpless little bears strewn about the table in greens and oranges- the BEST flavors), my seatmates and I were treated to candy vases filled with tiny treats- Krackle, Resses, Goodbars, Skittles, Dum-Dums, and my classic Jolly Ranchers.

Granted, maybe I felt more like six again then sixteen, but it did make my mind cartwheel back to the days of goodie bags and sugar highs, when birthday parties were more about the candy that fell out of the pinata than who you could catch falling out of the closet during Seven Minutes In Heaven.  And yes, you miss it. But when you're looking back with a glass of Merlot in your hand, AND still able to reach into that candy vase without having to worry about it going straight to your hips, you can better see the (sometimes forgotten) sweetness to being 21.

Jolly Ranchers may be a pleasant throwback and kissing in the closet may be an embarrassing throwback, but I'd like to think that when I look back to this day and consider it a throwback, I'll consider it a great one.  I'm 21 and I still have everything to gain- but I can see that even better than I could at six, or sixteen- and I can see it legally drinking a glass of Merlot.  And to that, we toast!

Let's also toast to the outrageous sale going on at!  Remember that sweater post from a few days gone by?  Stock up ladies, because when I'm talkin cheap, i mean CHEAP!
Here are some of my favorites:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dawning of the Age of... Gemini?

Happy "we're all of a sudden a different astrological sign" Day!

It's funny because when I first heard the talk (ok, saw it on everybody's facebook status), I was less than ecstatic.  I'm a Taurus, a BULL, a strong, stubborn, slightly bitchy but always loveable Taurus.  When I was five years old and liked to look at those dumb astrology books in Barnes N' Noble, Taurus was what I was taught to look at.  When I was 14 and comparing signs to see "who would make my perfect boyfriend" Taurus was what I had to compare them too. (Although, this may mean that all my little ninth grade loves were right for me after all...) And when Cosmo's yearly Astrological Guide comes out, it's only Taurus that I've learned to skip too without thinking.  So, what's a girl to do when her entire world is put a-tilt... except literally.  You turn to the internet, that's what.  And you look up the astrological sign that comes after all you've known for the past 21 years- which for me, is Gemini.  

I cannot say that you will meet your sign with as overwhelming success as I did, but I must say, I think this new shift of the signs is onto something. Here's why:

  • While I always embraced my Taurus-ness, there was always something about it that seemed slightly off.  Yes, I'm stubborn, affectionate, a good friend, and determined.  But I am FAR from practical, stable, inflexible, fixed in opinion   
So, moving forward to my new sign of the Gemini, I have found:

  • I talk whenever I get the chance- check!
  • I'm driven towards communication in both the written and verbal form- check!
  • I enjoy media and keeping up with the times and the trends- check!
  • I exaggerate- sadly, check!
  • Enjoys agile sports like yoga- check check!
  • Can see things from all different perspectives- check!
  • Little self-faith is masked my wit and sarcasm- (again sadly) check! (and now you know my weakness)
All this being said, I think I can fit comfortably in to the life of a Gemini, though I will miss searching for Taurus in those horoscope sections. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland?

Some people adore winter.  That bitter chill in the air, the hush of falling snow, everything powdered white, an excuse to gorge yourself on Tollhouse cookie-dough... what's not to like?  Call me a cynic, but snow plows waking you up at 4am, iced over roads, and the burning of said cookie-dough when you decide to back them are all reasons enough why I can't wait to say peace out to Jack Frost and hello to the forgotten sundresses hanging lonely in my closet. 

BUT i will say, winter offers us two good things: scarves and sweaters.  In fact, there are times when I'm baking in a July bedroom and wishing it was just cold enough to cuddle up with a sweater.  Besides, scarves have been the saviors to many an outfit lacking that little bit of je ne sais quoi.  So, since my home is piled under (where are those damn plowers when you need them??) I've decided to warm up by scouring the internet for wallet-friendly sweaters you can stock up on before winter becomes as dead as these trees in my backyard. Viva la sweater and Viva la cold!

I've had my eye on this one since December, my dying bank account is to blame for not snagging it sooner.  Rich red and blacks, zany print, ability to dress up or down with heels and gold or a belt and boots.  Top hats- use your discretion.

I'm a sucker for a good leopard print, and a good long cardigan, so the union of this is 
the birth of a God for me.  Warm and cozy, yet slouchy and stylish, just fierce enough to go bold with
or refined enough to pair over a little black dress.  E-bay deal though so hurry and bid!

Okay i get it, I have an unhealthy fixation for blacks and reds, the eye can't help the
colors it's naturally drawn to.  But that being said, such unique shouldering and that almost-sheer bottom 
wins me over... it's on sale too!

                                                   Market Publique

    Light some cinnamon incense, throw on some Hendrix, and cuddle up with this gorgeous tie-dye pullover.

And I did promise you scarves so here are two great finds for a reasonable enough price:

For the boho chick and cosmopolitan lady in all of us.

That's it for today loves.  Now, even my scrooge heart can say "Let it Snow!" <3

Daisy Darlin'

This song has been my life lately and these lyrics are so beautiful.
Sad, but people don't think at all.  I'm learning this too much.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Play Shell Games, Forget That It's Winter

"We'll be everything that we ever need
Everyone on the count of three
Everyone on the count of three
All together now
Here it come that heavy love
We're never gonna move it alone"

This blog has been in the minds-making for the past three years, and the overwhelming need to share my excitement for new Bright Eyes has finally given me motivation enough to go through with it.
This and the fact that we're currently due for a blizzard... In an hour p.s. if you live in upstate New York you lucky kids.
But moving forward, throw on your comfiest sweater, make that mug of Single Cup hot cocoa (or be old school and boil a pot of the Hershey's mix on the stove like more of us should), and warm up with
new tunes and some of my favorite picks from various Runway Spring '11 shots. 

And after your done, go outside and make some snow shells.  Maybe it'll trick the warm weather back!